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Saturday, September 02, 2006


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no se a Nueva York o Cadaques pero aqui a Barcelona se t'ha trobat a faltar molt. M'agrada tornar a veure el sol cada mati. RR


Preciosa la foto de Cadaqués. Viendo las dos fotos juntas se entiende porque DALI quiso morir en Cadaqués y no en Nueva York. Por cierto hay obra de DALI en nueva York? no está toda en su museo de Figueras?
Saludos megacrack.


Rubén !!! un gran honor recibirte en mi humilde morada...
La foto de Cadaqués es de una mañana que recuerdo muy especial en agosto del 2002. Y si, tienes rázón, el mejor sitio para morir, espero que echen mis cenizas allí algún día.
La obra de Dalí se encuentra mayoritariamente en su museo de Figueres pero también tiene obras en museos de todo el mundo, en el MoMA de NY tiene algunas pocas obras y quedé especialmente asombrado de su escultura "Retrospective Bust of a woman" que incorpora elementos de lo más "ultralocal". Un abrazo.


Morir para renacer...una y mil veces...y voy y vengo...en mi loco mundo... porque muero para renacer... una y mil veces, siempre...renazco para morir...F.A.C


camino...y dejo que la vida fluya por los agujeros de mis calzetines, badulake de sonrisas, sobredosis de sentimientos...camino...mi norte tu ombligo,tu, si te quedas conmigo...camino...y te respiro, me algro de reencontrarme contigo...


Ancora con sta storia se si prnede come parametro di confronto la grafica, Wii non pu uscire vincente. Ma gi "solo" RE4 con il Wiimote d molta pi soddisfazione di un gioco simile con il semplice pad. Questa storia della Wii2 fa ridere pure quella non si pu sapere nulla di come sar !


denise, the thing you have to remember about ALL polls, is that ceratin assumptions are made. Some are quite reasonable, counting a ceratin percentage for men and a ceratin amount for women, and the same for differen traces, geographic regions, and so on. But the Obama Love Fest in the media is circular logic. He gets more press, so he must have more support, so the polls are weighted to show far more democrats than are actually out there. I'm not talking about the historic advantage of democrats to republicans 38 or 39 percent of the voters to the GOP's 35 or 36 percent. I mean polls which weigh as much as 45% democrats to 25% republicans. I will agree that turnout is critical, and if the republicans give up and sit at home, the democrats MAY get their 40-45% of the voters in which case the media-driven polls become self-fulfilling prophecies. But if republicans stay charged, then at the worst they can match almost all of the democrats' votes, and it comes down to a group that the polls have been strangely quiet about.The independents.Did you wonder why McCain took the tone he did in the first debate, Mister Reasonable and not on the attck, even when it looked like he had an easy line to Obama's weak spots? Obama was speaking like a democrat, McCain aimed for the indies.Why have the polls not shown his results? Two reasons. First, polls have crunched hard on indies, because about ONE-THIRD of them have still not made up their mind (from internals at Gallup, CBS, and Fox polls), and so they are down-weighted, as little as 10% of the voters in some cases. And two, most of them are still making up their minds, and the debate laid seeds. It's not an overnight thing.I tell you plainly, McCain is winning right now, when you take the polls, use their internals to back-step the weighting and re-weight with historical norms.We.Are.Winning.Ever wonder why Obama is nastier than ever? Why did they try such an obvious dirty trick with getting Ifil as the moderator for the VP debate? He's losing and he knows it.All Obama can do is bluff, but we have to be careful and not buy the hype.


I scan about 35 silicon vaelly related blogs each day. But I prefer my magazines (e.g. wired, fastcompany, businessweek, red herring, ws journal, ny times, business2.0). Much more indepth info on tech, r&d, marketing and even user psychology of social web users.


This weeks polls were really great! It's now one of the posts I look fowarrd to now. !. I chose Selling the News and Shadow Proves the Sunshine2. Vice Verses. THat album came out at the perfect time for me. My family has been going tough some tough financial times recently and I would cry about it because it would make my dad so discouraged and sad and I wish I could do something to make it better. So Vice Verses just really touched me and helped (and currently helping) me get through it. As well as other switchfoot music, like Hello Hurricane. Especially the line in Vice Verses the song, I know that there's a meaning to it all. I still cry most of the time when I hear it. 3. I picked podcast 15. HAHAHA I just love the part when Jon and Chad are shaving their staches. Ive grown attached to you my friend. And fall asleep carressing your brow. lol Great polls! Keep it up! you should do more podcasts too(:

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