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Thursday, October 26, 2006


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saps disfrutar com ningú de cada viatge que fas, tan si creues el charco com agafas un tren. Hauries de compartir aquests plaers amb algú, no siguis egoista ;-) ¿on a anat a parar el teu concepte de "team"??? no t'enfadis eh? es critica constructiva


Los rieles son las huellas permanentes
del futuro y el tren es la metáfora
del sueño y el sueño es una nube
de vapor.


This is such great news! I was going to email you back but I will just leave a comment here. Thanks for the carmea advice and I am sooooo bummed I will have to wait EVEN LONGER to have a session with you! Someday we will have some E F originals gracing our walls! Until then, take care! I'm so excited about baby #5 for you guys!!! What an adventure:)


Congratulations! She is beautiful. I love the birth story thnaks for sharing it. It is so sweet and Travis did an awesome job with the photos. You've motivated me to get mine edited and organized. These first few weeks are so sweet and are such a blur. I hope you are getting some sleep. We will have to talk soon!

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