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Thursday, November 09, 2006


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lo esencial es invisible a los ojos...

cerrar el alma y amar...


Xavi, el que has de fer és obrir els ulls, no tancar-los. Bueno, no només obrirlos, també has de MIRAR. Vals molt la pena i val molt la pena el que tens al teu voltant. Abrir los ojos y ver.


mucho por ver, mucho por sentir


Puedo cerrar el alma y amar.


La vida cuando mas vacia, mas pesa.
El mas largo aprendizaje de todos es aprender a ver.
Por la calles del ya voy se va a la casa del nunca.
Si la vida te da la espalda, Tocale el culo!!
petonets britanics...


Aaditya Posted on Its eermetxly unfortunate that this happened, but this has been happening in our society for quite a while now and its just my instinct that this has gone down. We have come from the days of gundagardi by shiv sena to some civilian sense amongst the people. Its going to be a while till we as a society reach an amicable agreement of normal code of conduct between people. BUT we need this to happen now and FAST, & I think you should be the catalyst, we should be the catalyst that gets the revolution going. The day you decide to stand up and do something about it, I will help and assist you in whichever way possible.

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