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Saturday, November 18, 2006


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Male voice (medicine cabinet): What's wrong?
Man: I need something stronger.
Male voice (medicine cabinet): Take four red capsules. In 10 minutes, take two more. Help is on the way.
"THX 1138"


I don't post my life on YouTube for a few reasons...the main one is that I'm binrog and no one would want to watch that anyway.So I don't have to deal with personal hate comments. However, I love when I sign on after getting home from work to see a new 5AG video or a new blog post. It honestly makes my day. So when I see that someone has left a hater comment it really genuinely gets under my skin. My usual internal dialogue to these is "Shut the EFF UP!!!!" I would hate for you (or any of my favorite YouTubers) to start taking them to heart and then to stop posting videos. It honestly scares me. I think I depend a bit to much on my day being brighter by watching your videos. So anyway, please don't let any of them ever stop you from posting videos/blogs. Because in all honesty, it would ruin my life. LOL...no pressure or anything.

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