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Sunday, November 12, 2006


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fas patir més que la teva mare, tu si que faras un pet un dia d´aquests. Es ben be que necesites estar sempre al limit ! pero vigila que algun dia no et passis de la ralla. Ves amb compte amic. RS


Este reto se te queda corto xavi, ¿no corriste ya la marathon de nueva york? debes apuntar más alto y marcarte como reto la galuoses. ¿no pots?


Ei Rubs ! lo que corri en NY fué la "half marathon" o sea la mitad de una maratón, concretamente 21,097 km que se me hicieron interminables o sea que no quiero ni pensar lo que debe ser correr 42,195 km! Como no consiga sacar algo de tiempo para entrenar un poco no mis delgaduchas piernas se romperan... pero en fin, ya veremos, ¿y tu? ¿no te apuntas? ¿salimos a entrenar este jueves por la noche?? ;-). Un abrazo amigo.


Although I'm always happy to get conmemts on my posts, no matter how old, I often choose not to comment on someone else's old post. It think the main reason is because everyone else has moved on. I also choose not to comment if I'm far down on the list to comment. I don't know why. It's silly really and you raise some very good points. Yet again, I'll be thinking of you everytime I write a late comment somewhere. I guess it's shouldn't matter if I'm late for the party in the blogosphere, because I'm rarely on time for parties in real life!Have a great day.DebDebbie Yosts last blog post..


Carrie - I am a huge acupressure fan and have done the 5 enemelt sessions, but never heard of ZB. I liked learning that : It also affects energetic systems and can help replace frenetic, depleted, or chaotic states with clear, balanced ones.


Just cause it's simple doesn't mean it's not super heplufl.


A million tahkns for posting this information.

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