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Monday, August 20, 2007


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For you "flower":

The afternoons in Buenos Aires have this... well, you know.
You leave your house down Arenales Avenue.
The usual : on the street and in you...
Then suddenly, from behind a tree,
I show up.

Rare mix of the next to last tramp
and the first stowaway on a trip to Venus:
a half melon on the head,
a striped shirt painted on the skin,
two leather soles nailed to the fet,
and a taxi-for-hire flag up in each hand.

You laugh! But only you can see me:
because the mannequins wink at me,
the traffic lights flash me three lights sky-blue
and the oranges at the corner grocery stand
cast their blossoms at me.
Come on!, that this way, half dancing, half flying,
I remove the melon to greet you.
I give you a little flag and I tell you...

l know I'm crazy, crazy, crazy...
don't you see the moon rolling through Callao;
a second line of astronauts and children
waltzing around me... Dance! Come! Fly!

I know I'm crazy, I'm crazy, I'm crazy...
I see Buenos Aires from a sparrow's nest;
and I saw you so sad... Come! Fly! Feel!...
the crazy desire I have for you:

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
As darkness sets in your porteña loneliness,
by the shores of your bedsheet I'll come
with a poem and a trombone
to keep your heart sleepless.

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
Like a demented acrobat I'll dive,
into the abyss of your cleavage 'till I feel
I drove your heart crazy with freedom.
You'll see!

Let's go flying, my dear.
get on my super sport illusion,
let's run over the cornices
with a swallow in the engine.
From Vieytes they applaud: "Hooray! Hooray!",
the nuts who invented Love,
and an angel, a soldier and a girl
give us a dancing waltz.

The beautiful people come out to say hello.
And crazy, but yours, I don't know!;
I cause a stridency of bells with my laugh,
and finally, I look at you, and sing softly

Love me this way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
climb up into my insane tenderness,
don a wig of larks on your head and fly!
Fly with me now! Come! Fly! Come!

Love me the way I am, crazy, crazy, crazy...
open up your love, we are going to attempt
the crazy magic of reviving...
Come , fly , come! Trai-lai-lai-larara!

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
She's crazy and I'm crazy...
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!
She's crazy and so am I.


Errar es humano, pero para meter la pata en serio hace falta un ordenador.





i t´agrada el magret d´anec cabró. Cabró tú, no l´anec

El Pollo

Ei pato!! tu no haces con tu pata lo que yo hago con mi...
(Sorry por el chiste-fácil)

un humano

Muy divertida la cita pitagorin pero prefiero la siguiente:

"Errar es humano. Poder aclarar los errores es divino"

Errar es humano, pero no por imperfección. Errar es la forma de aprender, sin la cual no seríamos humanos. Errar es fuente de inspiración, de risa, de diversión, como cuando uno confunde una palabra por otra y causa la hilaridad de los presentes.

Aunque parezca que equivocarse está mal y que no hay razón posible para equivocarse, todos nos equivocamos y nos seguiremos equivocando a menos que nos convirtamos en máquinas.

Poder aclarar un error o una equivocación con otra persona es compartir y celebrar la humanidad.


A mí lo que me revienta son los camiones.
(Un sapo)


sos pato. pato loco. reloco

Pato Lucas en Milton keynes

Estabes mes torrat que un pato mareao po eso metiste la pata en la maceta...
Ala ve y que te la pique un pato mareao!


prefiero brothers in arms

un pato

"Errar es humano", dijo el pato y se bajó de la gallina.

"Perdonar es divino", dijo la gallina y salió corriendo atrás del pato.


"La única diferencia entre un loco y yo es que yo no estoy loco"

Salvador Dalí


Yo tambien te extraño.
Besos de Tontín.



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In our efforts to adjust differences of opinion we should be free from intolerance of passion, and our judgements should be unmoved by alluring phrases and unvexed by selfish interests. (Grover Cleveland, American president)

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