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Monday, September 10, 2007


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i com has anat de cadaques a granada? amb el veler desafio TMT jajajaja


Xavier, aqui no pescaremos como en Sevilla, pero subiremos a Sierra Nevada y nos cazamos un gran oso !!!!

Lorca a Dalí

"Cadaqués, en el fiel del agua y la colina,
eleva escalinatas y oculta caracolas.
Las flautas de madera pacifican el aire.
Un viejo dios silvestre da frutas a los niños.

Sus pescadores duermen, sin ensueño, en la arena.
En alta mar les sirve de brújula una rosa.
El horizonte virgen de pañuelos heridos
junta los grandes vidrios del pez y de la luna"


Debes añadir a tu lista de inventos en teletransportador, de otra manera no se entiende que estes en tantos sitios a la vez

y te olvidas de alguno ¿¿¿k...k??? >>


Pescar a Sevilla? Caçar a Granada? El Luigi et matarà! )))))

Ramón Miralles

Versos de Lorca que presagiaban lo que te pasaría despues:

Aquel camino
sin gente...
Aquel camino.

Aquel grillo
sin hogar...
Aquel grillo.

Y esta esquila
que se duerme...
Esta esquila.


desgraciadamente las granadas son tambien bombas de mano. Debemos recordar que este mundo está en guerra.

11 S


Mira a la derecha y a la izquierda del tiempo y que tu corazón aprenda a estar tranquilo.

Federico García Lorca


Oh dios! Como extraño Granada! Es el paraíso junto a Lisboa... Si viviera allí sería inmensamente feliz. Sé que volveré.
Un abrazo Xavi!


Oh dios! Como extraño Granada! Es el paraíso junto a Lisboa... Si viviera allí sería inmensamente feliz. Sé que volveré.
Un abrazo Xavi!


Thank you for your review. While I can very much apecpriate what it feels like to deal with people who may not have graduated middle school, felons, and/or winners of a different kind, I'm a little hard pressed to agree with slamming a door on the face of someone who makes minimum wage and as mentioned could be that one felon that decides that going back to jail is worth it to break your teeth in a million little pieces: not too smart.Also you barely described the sandwich at all. If you're going to post a review of something it's actually helpful to have details about that something so that people can get a sense of why you felt so sick. Perhaps it's all that anger you have buzzing around causing you to hate everything you get your hands on.In any event I give this review a 0 because you didn't explain why you hated this sandwich. Amidst all your expletives and service this and service that you failed to even do that basic work of your review. Also if you want to find even stupider people just go into the BofA branch a few blocks down my street and you will probably find the family related to the people that work at your Domino's. It's sad when unemployment is so high and yet these jerkoids somehow convinced someone that they should work in their organization.Peace out!


When we were in the 7th & 8th grade at Blessed Sacrament Grade School at 22nd & Parallel, a group of us kids would meet at the school on Saturdays and walk to the Granada Theatre for an early aefnrtoon movie. The big decision of the day was, do we sit on the lower level or in the balcony? After the movie, we'd all walk to Grants to get one of their famous chili cheese dogs! From there, we'd walk back home. Great memories!


You are not kidding and also on my gfiolng days, We had more days cancelled because of rain than any year in the last 10 years.Anyone else got rain stories or before and after pics?


Sorry. Granada's rather scewerd up on the website you can watch Craig Gazey all over again at present cos they're streaming last Thursday's news. Quite pathetic, really.

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